Hawaii Children’s Photographer: Gorgeous Gibsons

November 25, 2009 | Filed Under Children, Family | 2 Comments 

Shooting at the Kualoa Ranch was so great. The old sugar mill ruins are a perfect place for kids to explore and climb and run around. I love photographing when children are happy and at home in a place that is fun for them. The Gibson’s were delighted with a little surprise after the shoot. When our time was up and the gates were closed to visitors, the horses were let out to roam the fields. The kids were able to see the horses run up close around the areas they had just played. We were also blessed to arrive just as the rain stopped and the weather cleared for our photo shoot. What a great evening.

Nov21, 2009 424

Nov25, 2009 001-1

Nov21, 2009 392

Nov25, 2009 003

Nov21, 2009 107

Nov21, 2009 187

Nov21, 2009 052

Nov25, 2009 001

Nov21, 2009 148

Nov21, 2009 115

Nov21, 2009 173

Nov21, 2009 216

Nov25, 2009 002

Nov21, 2009 390

Nov21, 2009 111

Nov21, 2009 096

Kailua Children’s Photography: Laughter & Sunshine

November 19, 2009 | Filed Under Children | Comments Off on Kailua Children’s Photography: Laughter & Sunshine 

Little Kinsley is one of the happiest girls! She is always ready with a smile…especially when she’s up to her mischievous acts. She was so fun to play with and photograph. What a ray of sunshine!

Nov09, 2009 008

Nov09, 2009 005

Nov09, 2009 085


Nov09, 2009 089

Kinley 2

Children’s Photography: Kahuku

November 18, 2009 | Filed Under Baby | 1 Comment 

This sweet little girl was simply radiating when I turned the camera on her. She was so adorable the way she soaked up all the attention.

Drianne Baby 2


Drianne baby

Kailua Children’s Photography: Girls…

November 11, 2009 | Filed Under Children | Comments Off on Kailua Children’s Photography: Girls… 

Here’s a quick post of a few of the girls I’ve photographed recently.

Nov09, 2009 035

Nov09, 2009 074

Nov09, 2009 073

Taylor Fitzgerald

Nov09, 2009 075

Children’s Portrait Photography: Sweet Serene

November 10, 2009 | Filed Under Children | Comments Off on Children’s Portrait Photography: Sweet Serene 

Nov09, 2009 016

Serene Johnson

Serene Johnson 1

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