Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkin carving before Halloween is a must in my household. The kids love it and, really, what’s not to love about goopy, gloppy seeds? This year we watched “Charlie Brown’s Halloween” with all of our cousins while we carved. Then we decorated sugar cookies as a bonus! We love to do that!

My favorite part of it all is baking and eating the pumpkin seeds. Although it was about 80 degrees in the house at 7:00 at night, my sister-in-law so graciously let me turn her oven on! Trust me, it was a big deal! And it was worth it. I love those pumpkin seeds!

The challenge is to frost the sugar cookies faster than this little dragon can eat them up.

To make delicious seeds:

sprinkle a bit of salt & pepper
*I like to add a dash of cumin
bake at a low temp for about an hour

Eat them all right away before someone else does. That’s it!

Baby Penelope + Family

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Watching a new father hold his baby girl so gently and kiss her soft cheeks as if they were made of porcelain is such a sweet, soft moment.

I absolutely love newborn babies and the peace they radiate!

Penelope was so amazing and perfect. She slept so deeply and happily that I completely lost track of time!

Healy Family: Lanikai Beach, Oahu

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There’s a lot to see between the moments of family. There’s the fun moments, when Dad throws you 1,000 feet in the air because he’s the strongest man alive. There’s the crazy moments, when the kids just won’t stand still because they want nothing more than to run straight into the ocean and get down to the business of playing in the sand. Then there’s the sweet moments, when your child is so worn out he wants nothing more than to cuddle up in mom’s arms because it feels so safe and warm.

Between all of those crazy, fun, sweet moments, there’s family.

Healy Family Hawaii Reunion from Jenni Speed on Vimeo.

What a seriously beautiful family!

Laser Tag Party

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The coolest event of the year.

An invite was the envy of all 2nd graders.

The Laser Tag birthday party!!!


Children’s Photographer: Boys, Boys, Boys

October 15, 2010 | Filed Under Children | Comments Off on Children’s Photographer: Boys, Boys, Boys 

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