Oahu Bridal Session: Tadashi + Akiko

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Two days after the wedding, he whisked her away from home in Japan… off to Hawaii for a grand tropical honeymoon!

When we first met, I couldn’t believe they had just flown in from Japan. Akiko looked stunning! Both the bride and groom looked so refreshed and eager to get started with the shoot. Their enthusiasm was catching. They were both so sweet, I really had a lot of fun with Tadashi and Akiko…and their friend Yumi, who came along to help out.

To see a slideshow starring the lovely newlyweds, click below:

Slideshow of Tadashi & Akiko from Jenni Speed on Vimeo.

They stayed right on the beach in Waikiki at the Outrigger Reef Resort.

Akiko, you are gorgeous!

Off the crowded beach of Waikiki, we found this quiet, romantic little garden. The light was beautiful.

Love this scene with Diamond Head in the background.

The photo below was taken by Scott Moffat, who was assisting me. With the harsh sunlight beating down on us that afternoon, we needed a little reflector action.

This girl has style! Love those feathers!

Photo below by Scott Moffat

Such a sweet couple!

Opening Night: WPPI Las Vegas

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I’m looking forward to a week in Las Vegas with one of my best friends! Flying out from Portland to meet me, we are going to have a blast. I think the last time I spent a week with no husband or kids was…before I had a husband or kids. It is almost surreal being without my family. I think I’ll manage though ;). There’s plenty in store this week to keep my brain super busy…I’m so excited for all of the classes. There are some amazing speakers and photographers here and I am ready to soak up all the information that I can. Already, today was rewarding and fabulous!

As soon as I got in, I headed over to check out a sneak peek of all the new products about to be released to the public soon. So exciting to see what’s “next” in the photography world!

The evening consisted of a fabulous fashion show hosted by Sony.

Adi + Jesse: Engagement

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February…the month of love…I can’t think of a better time to post my most recent engagement session. Here’s to new love!

I’ve known Adi for years and I was so excited to meet the man who captured her heart. Adi is a girl full of smiles. And her smiles come with greater rapidity when Jesse is around. Our day at North Beach was beautiful. The setting really complimented this gorgeous couple.

See below for a slideshow starring Adi and Jesse:


Jesse and Adi were so sweet and playful together…and busted up laughing when they got out the sand toys to play with.

I love when you can tell a couple is so completely in love.

This is one of the last photos we took and I think it’s my favorite! I love, love, love sweet moments like this.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Usually my kids and I spend hours cutting out hearts and hand writing little messages on them to give out to their classmates. This year I went ahead and did something a little different and made mini photo cards. So fast and easy…and the grandparents love them too!

card template by Jodi Friedman

Education is a must

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I’m a big believer in education in every way. I never want to stop learning. It is so important in my life. This last year, I did a couple of workshops, and attended the WPPI Road Trip photography conference in Seattle. All of them were great and have helped me shape my business strategy and become a better photographer.

This year I have a more detailed plan for the direction I want the business to head. This also includes a few workshops I hope to attend. My first stop to kick off the year is WPPI-Las Vegas. And it’s only a week away! I can’t wait.

photo: Hardcover Vintage

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