Memorial Day

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This year we spent Memorial Day up on the North Shore and recreated our own miniature lanterns. The family had a small ceremony and then sent the lanterns out to sea in honor of our loved ones… However it was quite comical with the strong winds and waves capsizing our lanterns. Most of them lasted about 2 seconds. It was a really great evening with the family. I look forward to Memorial Day every year.
To make the lanterns all you need are:

  • tongue depressors for the base
  • colored paper bags cut in half
  • a tea light candle to go inside

It’s a very simple project, but out on the dark ocean water, the lanterns glow beautifully.

Each year at Ala Moana Beach there is a big lantern lighting ceremony and hundreds of people come to participate in sending off their floating lanterns. Last year our family went down and I photographed the event. It is really worth experiencing!

Below is one of the pictures I took from last year. You can see more HERE.

Sneak Peek: Newborn Baby FRANK

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Sneak Peek of sweet baby Frank, just two days old…

Shown in the ‘Gilligan‘ frame.

Mike+Bethany: The Bachelorette Party

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Part iii of the Mike + Bethany wedding:

It started out a nice evening at a restaurant, but as bachelorette parties go, ended up a fun, slightly wild girls night with dancing and all manner of crazy games…and more dancing. I’m not going to lie, when our family gets together you can expect some craziness! I don’t think Mike’s sisters knew what they were getting themselves into. Again…welcome to the family!

Here are just a few photos from Bethany’s bachelorette party. The theme was sparkles and glitter and nearly everyone wore pink or purple tights.

the dancing…

the photo booth…

the ice cream bar…

To see more of the M+B wedding, see HERE and HERE.

San Clemente Reception: Mike + Bethany

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As the evening drew near the skies grew heavy and dark. By the time all the guests were mingling inside The Casino San Clemente, rain was pouring outside. The Casino is a historical building perfect for all kinds of events. It really made Bethany and Mike’s vision of their reception come to life. The place really complemented the elegant, retro wedding theme. It was very cool.

The real typewriters kept the guests busy writing notes to the bride and groom.

The lovely cake.

The reception was amazing in every detail from the cascading chandelier of lanterns down to the love birds in the trees. Everything was planned out with the greatest care…and it showed.

A bit past her bedtime, my little niece decided to camp out on the floor.

San Diego Wedding: Mike + Bethany

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The warm sun and crisp, cool breeze made for a gorgeous morning to be married in San Diego, California. We were all so excited for Bethany’s wedding day to arrive. The youngest of 7 siblings and last to be married, my sister-in-law inspired a bitter/sweet reunion for the whole family.

‘Bitter’ because we can’t believe she is all grown up and starting a life of her own! It seems like yesterday when I met my husband’s family for the first time. Bethany asked me to play with her and we jumped on the trampoline in the back yard all afternoon. Then I got schooled in a friendly game of volleyball by all the sisters. That was when she was eight. Bethany is still just as lively, cheerful and full of energy now as she was then.

‘Sweet’ because we love an excuse to get together and party like there’s no tomorrow! I have the best sisters…and do they know how to get a party started! Welcome to the family Mike!

Mike & Bethany were married in the San Diego Temple. It was truly a fairy tale wedding…including the beautiful princess, gorgeous castle and the handsome prince. It was perfect.

All the bright colors of the wedding were so lovely!

Bethany had the most gorgeous wedding dress! Love, love, love!

the ring…

This little face cracks me up. Kids are so fun…especially at weddings.

the bridesmaids…

My sweet husband who held the baby so I could take a few photos at the wedding. What a handsome guy. I’m so lucky to have him!

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