4 Tips For GREAT Halloween Photos!!!

October 31, 2011 | Filed Under Children, Events, Fashion/Commercial 

Here are some tips for taking better Halloween photos:

  1. Choose to take photos during the daylight hours. This way you know the light will be beautiful & you won’t have to worry about yellow indoor lighting or harsh flash.
  2. Set aside a time specifically to take pictures away from major costume wearing events. This eliminates impatience & many distractions.
  3. Take your children’s Halloween pictures before the succession of parties begin. This gives you crisp, clean costumes to work with. It’s sad to wait until all the festivities are over to suddenly get in a quick photo. With my kids, usually something is torn, pieces are lost, stains and stickiness cover their costumes…and my little one is sick of wearing hers, so keeping a hat or bow on is out of the question.
  4. Halloween nights are long and exhausting (although fun) and kids are not in the mood to take pictures at the end of a long, stimulating night. So try to avoid being ‘photographer’ when your children are tired and cranky. Always better to do it early in the evening (or during the day). Or just try again the next day, even though it may require the extra effort of dressing up again, the happy smiles will be worth it.

I hope these little tips help you as you are planning your Halloween. Take your photos early, during the day & in a place that won’t tempt your child to run away from you for something more fun…like the next door to knock on.



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