One Year Older

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Recently, Ethan had a birthday turning 9. I took him on a special outing… for his own photoshoot. We styled his photoshoot to be the most fun for HIM. He wanted to be a ninja! In fact, he wanted to create his own ninja poster starring himself to hang up in his room. So we did!

The one on one photo sessions with my kids have become some of my favorite times with them. It’s a time where we can just be silly and take pictures the way they want to. Since I only do this once a year, they have a lot of fun with it…and as a bonus, they have a great attitude about taking pictures in general! (In fact, after seeing his brother’s photos, my 5-year-old was begging me to take his pictures too! Although I think he just wants a cool ninja poster.)

Ethan was all about jumping in puddles and off cliffs.

During this time I was mentoring a Kalaheo High School photography student. Precious came along with me on a few photo sessions including this one. Here’s a fun behind the scenes shot of Precious practicing her skills with Ethan.

I love how happy Ethan is in all of his pictures! I know I’ve done something right if my own son has a great time.

…and here comes the black ninja!

Ethan was so proud of his tattoos. We can thank grandma for sending those…always a big hit with the kiddos, but not so much with me.

Below is the “before” & “after” image we chose to make into Ethan’s ninja poster. We had some fun adding special effects.

Kailua’s Destination Photographer: Sievert Family

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After a lovely vacation on Oahu, the Sievert Family ended their stay with a photo session. It was a gorgeous day at Lanikai Beach! The kids were so fun and really got into making some memorable photo ops! Loved my morning with them!

See more of the Sievert Family below:

Kailua on Dwellable

Sword In The Stone

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The CTO production, “Legend of the Sword in the Stone,” was a huge success a couple of weeks ago. It was certainly a Spring Break highlight for me and my kids. Each year the Children’s Theater of Oahu (CTO) puts on an original production that is truly amazing. This year had a cast of about 80 children involved in the play! The kids were so cute and entertaining! I couldn’t resist the adorable, yet fierce, dragons.

My kids were sitting on the edge of their seats the whole time. Even my 5-year-old was completely invested. It was so fun to photograph the show. Enjoy a few of my favs from the “Sword in the Stone”…ok, there’s a lot of them.

Happy Easter!!

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